The Consequences of Foundation Repair Procrastination
  • Posted on March 19, 2019
  • By Dave Mauldin

Everyone procrastinates. Whether it’s scheduling that dentist appointment or getting your oil changed, everybody has that one (or more) chore that they’ve been putting off. But unfortunately, when it comes to foundation repair in Frederick, you could be risking serious consequences.

Foundation issues are serious. They can get steadily worse over time, costing you more money the longer you put off foundation repair. Here’s what happens when you procrastinate getting your foundation repaired.


Lower Resale Value

Are you planning on selling your house anytime soon? Foundation issues can have a significant impact on your resale value- by as much as 10% to 15%. For example, on a $200,000 home you’re out 20k to 30k. That’s the price of a year at the University of the Maryland for one of your kids.

The earlier you get your foundation repaired the less it will cost. Over time, foundation issues become worse and worse. Continuously decreasing your home’s resale value and increasing the cost of repair.

Why does foundation damage lower your home’s resale value? Without a solid foundation, your home is at risk for sagging walls, floors, and a weakened structure overall. The last thing a new homeowner wants to deal with is a major structural repair. Because the foundation isn’t secure, walls and doors could get stuck and exterior and interior drywall could crack, adding one more thing to the list of repairs needed. Did you know that as your foundation becomes more uneven, floor boards and tiles can pop up out of the flooring? Most new homeowners want a home that they can walk in safely. Foundation damage puts even the most basic requirements for a home at risk.

If you are planning on selling your home, start searching for foundation repair in Frederick as soon as possible.


Compromised Structural Safety

Have you started to notice cracks in your ceilings or walls? How about a sagging roof or increased heating costs?

All of these issues could be symptoms of a damaged foundation.

The foundation is the structural base to your house. Without a foundation, you don’t have a solid house. All of the symptoms of a damaged foundation are spreading structural issues. Even your attached garage is at risk to suffering from structural issues due to a cracked or uneven foundation. When it comes to foundation repair in Frederick, avoid spreading structural damage. Call an expert immediately.


Higher Susceptibility to Water Damage

Your foundation should be water tight. But what happens when a crack appears? It’s the perfect opportunity for water to come pouring in- especially if your yard slopes towards instead of away from your house. At that point in time, now you’re dealing with flooding in your basement, water damage, and a cracked foundation.

Water damage can mean thousands of dollars lost in damaged upholstery, appliances, electrical wiring, and plumbing. If you don’t have a basement and you find yourself with flooding on the first floor, you could also find yourself in a dangerous situation as the water hits electrical outlets, and appliances.

Even after you manage to remove all of the water, you could find yourself with long-lasting mold problems. Mold is attracted to moisture in organic structures. After flooding in your home, you’ll still have problems with too much moisture, long after the water is gone. When you’re dealing with water damage and a cracked foundation, make sure to find foundation repair in Frederick as soon as possible.


Increased Risk of Pests

Moisture, mold, and cracked walls all combine to create a great opportunity for household pests like insects to move into your basement. A sealed foundation makes it much harder for pests to find an opening to move into your basement. When there’s a crack, bow, or separation between your walls, it’s like extending an open invitation to the neighborhood bugs to move right in.

During the winter, it may be tempting to put off foundation repair in Frederick until the summertime due to hard ground. And while not all foundation repairs can be completed over the winter, it’s not a good idea to wait until the summertime when more bugs are out and about. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to have to deal with pests.

Don’t make the mistake of just thinking of insects as gross creepy-crawlies. Many pests can cause some real damage to your home. Termites can aggravate structural issues by eating through wooden supports. Carpenter ants can hollow out wooden structures or insulation panels, raising your heating costs and costing you thousands. German cockroaches can be particularly unhealthy to live in proximity to. Their shed skin and debris are particularly allergenic.


Overall Spreading Damage

When you procrastinate your oil change or your dentist appointment, you can get away with it for a short amount of time. But when it comes to foundation repair in Frederick, it’s important to call in expert repairs as soon as possible. Foundation issues can cause overall spreading damage throughout your home. One bowing wall in your foundation can lead to a sagging roof and cost you tens of thousands in resale value.

To avoid the worst of foundation damage, call Mission Home Services. We can provide you with the best foundation repair products, from pier systems to crack repair to crawlspace support posts. We offer permanent foundation repair solutions for your home.

Do you need foundation repair in Frederick Maryland? Call today.

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