Learn more about Mission Home Services' recent work requests in Frederick, MD
Fulmer Road in Frederick
Water seeping through blocks in laundry room which is unfinished. Also some mold in the next room which has drywall
Cedarcrest Ln in Frederick
Found two leaks in foundation wall at front of house between the bricks under crawl space after recent flood due to sump pump failure & heavy rain. Looking to have it repaired as soon as possible.
Teen Barnes Rd in Frederick
Split-level home with new water seepage on lowest level. Tenants notified it showed up after heavy spring rains...new issue in one area. I have used dry-lock in another area and it is holding some. I have it on the market for sale and there is also new evidence of some mold on a wall in one corner. One room is finished with drywall and the other is exposed cinder block. I live in Severn. Thank you.
in Frederick
Water comes into basement with heavy rains
Hillside Dr in Frederick
I am concerned about water accumulating near house during heavy rain storms. I am interested in storm water management near my house and my shed.
Rippling Brook Rd in Frederick
Crack in foundation visible from exterior. Above ground townhouse (no basement) in Wormans mill.
Wedgewood Blvd, Suite T in Frederick
We have multiple cracks throughout the warehouse that are in need of repair. This is a 22,000 square foot facility that was originally poured @ 2009. The cracks range from very minor to 1 1/2" in major traffic areas. This is part of a documented inspection and is required for us to complete.
Monarch Rd in Frederick
We have a sealed crawlspace, but recent wet and humid weather is causing a lot of condensation on and around our HVAC unit and ductwork. We'd like to discuss installing preventatives like a dehumidifier or a ventilation system.
Holden Road in Frederick
Hello, Recently, our basement was flooded due to a sump pump overflow, but we also discovered a leak in our basement concrete between the outside and inside of our home. Our home is roughly three years old. Could we have a specialist take a look at our basement and provide an estimate? Thank you so much,
Jefferson Pike in Frederick
Exterior basement stairwell walls shifting from water pressure. No relief holes installed in bottom of walls when installed
North Market in Frederick
Pricing on some basement drainage
Jefferson Blvd in Frederick
2 small cracks in basement wall. There may be others.
Algonquin Rd in Frederick
I have a window well for an egress window that was not properly installed. It is not attached to the wall. My basement has flooded twice since it was installed. I would like an estimate to install it correctly and evaluate a second window well for how it is attached.
Newe Design Road in Frederick
Small Water Leaking from wall
Brookside Drive in Frederick
Basement is flooded. Water coming up through foundation. First time it has happened in two years. May need french drain and sump pump
Wilson Place in Frederick
Have water coming through my foundation ad window well.
Shawnee Drive in Frederick
When it rains hard, water runs down the back wall of the basement. Obviously, it rained hard yesterday and the wall has "leaked".
Eden Dr in Frederick
During the storm yesterday water entered our basement looks to be coming from just one section of concrete block wall
S Jefferson St in Frederick
Have an old house (1915) and was told the rock foundation needs repair - wall is not plumb. Mortar disintegrated over the years. I would like an idea of the repair cost. Email is the best way to reach me or leave a message.
Frederick Avenue in Frederick
Hi, I'm under contract to buy a new home and I'd like to evaluate the costs for repairing the foundation to prevent water entering the basement. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you, Gina