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Complete Your Waterproofing with these Additional Products

At Mission Home Services, we’re proud to offer add-ons on top of our wide variety of basement waterproofing solutions. We want to make sure you’ll have the best protection from basement flooding possible, from downspout extensions to wall crack repair. Follow the link below to get your free quote on all your basement waterproofing needs for the Northern Maryland area.

The IceGuard Discharge Line System

During the cold winter months, your sump pump line is vulnerable to freezing due to its position outside the basement. This creates a backup and only makes any basement flooding worse. The IceGuard Discharge Line System prevents your sump pump discharge line from creating a backup.

The IceGuard works by allowing water a secondary escape route in case the main line is frozen. The IceGuard fits over the discharge line and has slotted openings in the drain pipe. In case the main line is frozen, the water can flow out of the slotted openings and away from your home. This prevents backups and stops your basement from overflowing due to a clogged sump pump discharge line. All of our sump pumps can be outfitted with the IceGuard system.

The FlexiSpan Wall Crack Repair

Traditional methods of repairing basement wall cracks don’t move with the natural shifting of concrete. The dry and firm polyurethane filling will eventually crack as concrete moves overtime. In order to permanently fix basement wall cracks, it’s essential to work with a material that moves with the concrete.

The FlexiSpan wall crack repair system is made up of open cell foam and waterproof sealant. The combination means the solution can move with the wall and seal the crack no matter how the concrete changes. The neutral color of FlexiSpan blends with a concrete wall and can also be covered with a basement finishing product.

The RainChute Downspout Extension Series

As a homeowner, you most likely don’t think too often about the impact your gutters have on your basement. But without high-quality downspouts, water could be pooling next to your foundation, creating leaks in your basement, and adding moisture.

Mission Home Services is proud to offer three different types of RainChute downspouts. The original RainChute is a recessed downspout that sits in the ground instead of on top of it. Because of its recessed position, the lawn mower won’t hurt the downspout when mowing.

The RainChute EZ on the other hand sits on top of the grass and is best situated in a landscaped area where a lawn mower won’t run into it. This downspout extension directs water away from your house and avoids water pooling against your foundation.

The LawnScape Outlet is best for downspouts that are over 8 feet long. This pipe is buried from the downspout and directs water to a LawnScape outlet that is camouflaged with a removable lid for cleaning purposes.

Put an End to Basement Water Problems

The experts at Mission Home Services can help you find all the products you need for your basement waterproofing solutions. All of our waterproofing products and services will make sure your basement is dry and mold-free. We offer free estimates for all of our services across Northern Maryland. If you need waterproofing solutions, contact Mission Home Services today.


We get it. Basement waterproofing and foundation repair services can be challenging to consider when you’re on a budget. But everyone deserves a home that’s safe. That’s why we offer smart financing options to help make payments easier. View our options and consult with an expert to chart the path that will work best for you and your family.


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“From the very beginning of the transaction, Dave, the owner was honest, upfront and professional in his interactions with me. I am more than pleased with the work but more importantly, his values instilled in me a sense of confidence in small business owners who still believe in doing what is right for customers and providing outstanding customer service. I HIGHLY recommend Mission Home Services!”

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“Dave was super responsive and went above and beyond in getting my basement project completed. He kept in regular contact with me on updates to the project, expected delivery of materials, and on permitting status. Very reliable and did a terrific job on my basement retaining wall.”

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“First of all, I don’t usually do reviews; however, I was so impressed with the guys at Mission Home Services that I felt the need to let others know. We had them out to inspect our basement and give us an estimate on waterproofing it for future renovations. The representatives gave us a great education on not only how a basement leaks, but also how ours was leaking and the correct method to fix it. We highly recommend this company!”

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