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Fixing Foundation Wall Problems in Frederick, Maryland

Bowing, buckling, and cracked foundation walls can cause serious problems.

The next time you walk down into your basement, take a look at your walls. Are there any signs of bowing, buckling or cracks? How about in the rest of your house? Are there sticking doors and windows? Uneven or bowing walls? All of these issues could be symptoms of buckling foundation walls.

The experts at Mission Home Services can provide you with a diagnosis of your foundation wall problem and the right high-quality solution. Our highly-trained employees will work with you for a long-lasting solution to stabilize your foundation and home.

If you’ve noticed bowing, buckling, or cracked walls in your foundation, give us a call today at 301-304-4849 or reach out to us by clicking below. Take advantage of your free quote in the Frederick, Walkersville, and Westminster areas.

What is a Bowing Wall?

Bowing walls can often appear as horizontal or stair step cracks along your foundation walls, as well as walls that lean inwards. Bowed walls can be caused by expanding soil due to frost or hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is inward force applied by underground water. If you notice any signs of bowing foundation walls, give us a call. Issues like these can greatly deplete the structural integrity of your home.

Don’t let bowing walls cause serious damage to your home or impact your property value. Our team at Mission Home Services uses wall repair products like GeoLock Wall Anchors to stabilize walls and prevent inward movement.

Problems with Wall Cracks

Wall cracks come in all shapes and sizes. They can be found near doors and windows or running the length of the wall. They can look like stair steps, be horizontal or vertical, small or large. Wall cracks can be caused by natural shrinkage in the concrete, foundation settlement or expansive soils. While a small one may not be cause for concern, larger cracks can be indicators of structural issues.

Because wall cracks can have a variety of causes, our team provides a wide variety of solutions. If walls cracks are due to settling foundations, our foundation piers will be able to lift the foundation back to its original position and prevent further settlement. Sagging crawl spaces can also cause wall cracks on living levels. Crawl space support jacks can provide the support to prevent sagging. No matter what the cause of your wall cracks, our team can provide you with the right solution.

Is Your Retaining Wall Collapsing?

Even though retaining walls are built to withstand the lateral pressure of the soil, they can still buckle or crack. Without repair, they’ll soon fail completely. To tell if your retaining wall is starting to fall, look for tilting at the top of the wall, cracks, or separation between the wall and the adjacent structure. Issues like poor construction or installation, bad drainage, or expanding soils can cause your retaining wall to deteriorate faster.

Mission Home Services uses both wall anchors and helical tiebacks to return your wall to its original position and prevent more movement. Both methods anchor the wall to more stable soil further away.

Make Your Foundation Walls New Again in Northern Maryland

Are you struggling with damaged foundation walls? Find the right foundation wall solution for you with the help of Mission Home Services. We want to make sure you’re living in a home that is safe, stable, and holding its value.

Give us a call at 301-304-4849 or reach out to us online for a free quote in the Northern Maryland area. If you’re ready to improve the integrity of your home, get in touch with us today.


We get it. Basement waterproofing and foundation repair services can be challenging to consider when you’re on a budget. But everyone deserves a home that’s safe. That’s why we offer smart financing options to help make payments easier. View our options and consult with an expert to chart the path that will work best for you and your family.


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