Channel Wall Anchors

Foundation Wall Stabilization for Damaged Walls in Maryland

Graphic render of an installed foundation wall anchor systemChannel anchors provide a permanent solution with a minimal amount of invasiveness.

Does your property have issues with foundation walls? The Supportworks Geo-Lock™ Channel Anchor System permanently stabilizes and repairs bowing or tilting foundation walls — without the cost and disruption of total foundation replacement.

Our system includes galvanized steel earth anchors, which embed in stable soil outside your foundation walls. When the installation is complete, all inward movement is halted, and there is an opportunity for long-term straightening of your foundation walls.

Product Features

  • Year-round installation
  • Warrantied for 25 Years
  • Most jobs completed in one day
  • Opportunity to straighten wall over time
  • Mounts on floor For extra support
  • Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel design

If your foundation walls are buckling severely, this is just what you need! Call us for a free foundation wall repair quote today! We serve Frederick, Walkersville, Westminster, and many nearby areas in Maryland.

7 Steps to Install The Channel Anchor System:

GeoLock® Channel Anchors are a versatile, effective system that can stabilize walls that are bowing, tipping, pushing in at the bottom, tilting in at the top, or showing similar signs of failure. They are installed with minimal disturbance to your lawn and landscaping, often in a day’s time or less.

To install your channel anchor system, our foundation repair experts will follow these seven steps:

Auguring a hole in the earth for a foundation wall repair system in Olney1. Boring Holes for Earth Anchors

Before your foundation channel anchors are scheduled to be installed, one of our in-house foundation experts will inspect your problem and map out where each anchor will be placed. When the contractors arrive, their written proposal will show each anchor location.

At each earth anchor location, a section of sod is carefully removed and placed aside to be returned later. Then a plastic sheet is laid down, and the hole is made with a power auger.

Coring a 1 inch hole in a basement wall to allow for the earth channel anchor rod to pass through.2. Preparing the Foundation Wall

After earth anchor holes have been made, your foundation contractor will drill small holes through your foundation wall that correspond to earth anchor locations. Then steel anchor rods will be driven through the holes, extending all the way to the earth anchor holes.

The holes in the foundation are each just 1″ in diameter. This is much smaller than the large holes and/or sections of concrete block that must be removed for other wall repair techniques.

Fastening an earth anchor for a severely bowing wall in Ellicott City.3. Joining Rods to Earth Anchors

The threaded end of each steel rod extends through a hole in the center of its earth anchor. Then a nut is screwed to the rod to keep the two parts permanently attached. The anchor-and-rod assemblies are buried in their holes, and earth is carefully replaced and compacted to lock anchors in place.

Each of our Geo-Lock™ Channel Anchors includes a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, as well as our own in-house quality and performance warranty.

Mounting a foundation wall channel anchor in Silver Spring.4. Mounting the Channel Anchor

After fastening the earth anchor outside, your contractor will mount the steel channel anchor to the inside surface of your foundation wall, fitting each channel anchor over a steel rod.

Unlike uncoated systems that can corrode and rust over time, each Geo-Lock™ Channel has a rust-resistant zinc coating. This keeps them looking neat and clean in your basement for decades to come.

Mounting a foundation channel anchor installation to the floor in Silver Spring.5. Securing the Channel Anchors to the Floor

Each channel anchor extends down vertically to the concrete slab floor.

The contractor will now fix each channel anchor’s position on the floor by bolting a strong steel bracket to the floor with a pair of heavy-duty bolts.

Tightening the nut on the steel rod that extends through each channel anchor stabilizes the foundation, preventing further bowing or tilting.

Restoring the landscaping by replacing removed lawn sections for a Cumberland home.6. Restoring the Landscaping

At Mission Home Services, we take great care in leaving each job clean, neat, and free of any damage to your existing landscaping.

During our cleanup process, all dirt excavated during Step 1 will be returned to the hole. Workers will thoroughly tamp down the fill in each hole to avoid future soil settlement issues. Finally, the sod will be carefully replaced at each hole location, then raked and tamped to blend seamlessly with surrounding grass.

Straightening a severely bowing foundation wall that has been repaired with channel anchors in a Columbia home.7. Tightening Wall Anchors

One thing that makes the Geo-Lock™ system so powerful is the fact that it not only stops your walls from moving inwards — it also provides the opportunity to straighten your foundation walls over time.

As your walls are returned to their original position, your home’s value and appearance will improve — making your home much more appealing for both you and for prospective home buyers.

When Should You Use Foundation Wall Anchors?

Both Geo-Lock™ Channel Anchors and Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchors are designed to repair bowed, buckled and tilting foundation walls. This proven repair technique is faster, less disruptive and much more affordable than foundation wall replacement.

In order for a wall channel anchor system to be considered as a viable foundation wall repair option, you will need access to several feet of space outside of your home’s foundation.

In areas where homes are very close to each other and this is not possible, wall anchors may not be possible. In cases such as this, we will advise you on other available options for foundation repair.

Wall Anchor Application Chart

Removal & ReplacementCarbon Fiber StripsI-BeamsHelical AnchorsGeo-Lock™ Wall Anchors
Installation Usually Completed In One Daygreen checkmarkgreen checkmarkgreen checkmark
Does Not Have Problems With Leakinggreen checkmarkgreen checkmarkgreen checkmarkgreen checkmark
Does Not Rely On Floor System For Supportgreen checkmarkgreen checkmarkgreen checkmark
Stabilizes Walls That Are Bowing In At The Center Of The Wallgreen checkmarkgreen checkmarkgreen checkmarkgreen checkmark
Will Keep The Wall From Tipping/Leaning In At The Top Of The Wallgreen checkmarkgreen checkmarkgreen checkmark
Will Keep The Wall From Sliding In At The Bottomgreen checkmarkgreen checkmarkgreen checkmark
Limited Disturbance To Lawn & Landscapinggreen checkmarkgreen checkmarkgreen checkmarkgreen checkmark
Can Straighten Wall Over Time Without Excavatinggreen checkmarkgreen checkmark
Can Be Installed In Areas With Close Property Linesgreen checkmarkgreen checkmarkgreen checkmark
Can Be Installed When Interior Access Is Limitedgreen checkmarkgreen checkmarkgreen checkmark
Can Easily Avoid Obstructions On Basement Walls Such As Pipes, Wires, And Plumbing Linesgreen checkmarkgreen checkmark

Work with Local Foundation Repair Contractors

Get the Foundation Walls You Deserve

At Mission Home Services we specialize in fixing foundation issues of all types, including problems related to severely bowing, buckling basement walls. Our foundation repair products include written warranties on both the products and our services for you.

If you would like a free, no-obligation, written foundation wall repair quote, we’re the contractors for you! Call or e-mail us today to schedule an on-site appointment!

We proudly serve Westminster, Walkersville, Frederick, and many other parts of Maryland.


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